A self-serve approach to communication for Long-Term Care!

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Share resident information with families in real‑time through secure EHR integration

Why Engage⁺?

Improved quality of communication

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  • Automated updates to families
  • Shift to more meaningful conversations with families
  • Direct messaging between staff and families

Save time for your staff

  • No more phone tag between nurses and families
  • Fewer interruptions for nurses

Provide person-centered care

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  • Increased transparency in care
  • Improved family engagement
  • Build trust with families


Don't just take our word for it. Listen to what our customers are saying.

Wow I like everything about this service! This is so helpful, informative and really keeps me as a loved one up to date and my mind is at ease regarding my husband's care. It's really an awesome service, technology can be so wonderful, and this was created perfectly.

Family member

We could never keep up with questions from families without the messaging. I have also found there to be a significant decrease in phone calls. Especially when there is simple question to ask, we can shoot back a quick reply.

Shannon Durante

Assistant Director of Nursing

The phone calls have decreased on therapy's end and there seems to be less confusion on who to speak to talk about medical things when we are talking with the families.

Vicki Williamson

Director of Therapy

I have definitely noticed a decreased amount of phone calls. Families being able to see health information has been a big help.

Kelly Moore

Director of Nursing


Reduction in phone calls


Reduction in time spent on communication


Daily log-in by families and staff

Privacy & Security

Health information is both personal and private. We'll keep it safe.

We use strong encryption and access controls so that you're in control of who can access your data.

Our Story

Health care is not just about delivery of a service to solve medical issues. It is also about educating and empowering patients and their families to make the best decisions going forward to live healthy and fulfilling lives.

Evoke Health was founded by Varsha and Graham with this same belief; that easy, quick, and barrier-free access to healthcare data and professionals will enable informed decisions and actions that promote and protect health.

Engage⁺ has been developed to bring this vision to life. We believe that providing families with access to their loved ones’ health and wellness data along with an easy way to communicate with healthcare professionals in Senior Living homes will facilitate better decision making and improve resident health outcomes.

Our mission with Engage⁺ is to connect families to their loved ones and keep them informed, while improving efficiency and time management for nurses and Personal Support Workers in Senior Living.

About Us

Varsha's picture

Varsha Chaugai


Varsha has 6 years of experience working in the medical device industry. She has worked as a biomedical instructor, hardware engineer, software tester, manufacturing engineer, and quality engineer for Class 2 and Class 3 medical devices. Varsha holds a M.A.Sc. in Biomedical Engineering.

Graham's picture

Graham Fraser


Graham has 10 years of experience developing mobile and web applications used daily by millions of users. He has worked for technology companies including Microsoft and BlackBerry, and holds a M.A.Sc. in Biomedical Engineering, and a B.Eng. in Software Engineering.

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